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     An Irish pub created from the thoughts and minds of three very different men…An Irishman from Kildare, who has talked about opening a pub in Budapest for years. An Irish-American lad from Virginia (grandmother’s family originally from Dublin and Dundalk and go by the family name of Byrne) who has been brewing beer and visiting pubs in Budapest for ten years, but always felt something was missing. A Hungarian whose specialty is wine, (it’s served in our pub and it’s delicious!) loves a great cigar and could see our vision…

     We are striving to provide an authentic yet modern take on a proper Irish pub, in the heart of the 5th district of Budapest. We take our name from a young lad named Davy Byrne, of County Wicklow, whose name graced a Duke Street pub.

     This pub was made famous by James Joyce, whose relationship and descriptions of a certain Leopold Bloom, in his novel Ulysses (character based on a Hungarian fella, connections anyone?) are our link between our pub in literary history and our Hungarian location, here in Budapest.

Joyce described Davy Byrne, himself, and the pub as such:

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